WIMN 2020 career mentoring program invites applicants

The Geelong Manufacturing Council (GMC) has opened enrolments for its Women in Manufacturing Network (WIMN) career mentoring program, now in its third year, until the end of January.

The 10-month long program aims to help more women to participate in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, and rise up to leadership roles, by clarifying and driving career development.

“We often hear that women in manufacturing and engineering roles aren’t confident to develop their career, aren’t sure what the next step is career-wise or aren’t sure how to take the next step. Mentoring is recognised as effective in catalysing individual career development,” the GMC says.

Businesses are starting to understand the benefits of having a diverse workforce, but often find it difficult to execute diversity and inclusion policies, the GMC says.

This year, 17 mentees and 17 industry mentors signed up. Mentors can be male or female and are matched with mentees based on industry, experience and program goals.

The Women in Manufacturing Network raises awareness via school-based initiatives such as Girls Learn About Advanced Manufacturing (GLAM), Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge and Girls’ Big Day Out (GBDO), and networks such as Deakin’s Women in Engineering.

The 2020 mentor program runs from February to November and costs $500. Applications can be made by emailing [email protected]