The suite of equipment available to researchers and industry through the Advanced Fibre Cluster member companies and organisations is unparalleled. Please find a downloadable version at the link below.  Contact the Advanced Fibre Cluster for further information.

OrganisationTypeCategoryDescription and ManufacturerSpecificationsComments
CSIROEquipmentKnittingFAK 10 inch Circular4 > 29Range of gauges
CSIROEquipmentKnittingFAK 3.5 inch Circular8 > 38Range of gauges
CSIROEquipmentKnittingHarry Lucas circular 10 needles
CSIROEquipmentKnittingFalmac 2430 inch, Gauge
CSIROEquipmentKnittingWildt Mellor Bromley2230 inch, Gauge
CSIROEquipmentKnittingRunyuan Warp Knitter28/32 
CSIROEquipmentKnittingKarl mayer Warp Knitter 16 inch
CSIROEquipmentKnittingShima Seiki Whole Garment14 
CSIROEquipmentKnittingShima Seiki First21 
CSIROEquipmentKnittingShima Seiki NSIG1227 
CSIROEquipmentWeavingSomet Weaving Loom1600mmweaving width
CSIROEquipmentWeavingCCI Evergreen loom weaving width
CSIROEquipmentWeavingCCI Studio loom weaving width
CSIROEquipmentWeavingCCI Lutin Warper10 – 300m 
CSIROEquipmentWeavingCCI sample warper3 m 
CSIROEquipmentWeavingCCI Sample single end sizing  
CSIROEquipmentWeavingSpool Winder  
CSIROEquipmentWeavingInspection Table  
CSIROEquipmentWindingFadis hank/cone winder5 head 
CSIROEquipmentWindingCalvani fancy Winder4 head 
CSIROEquipmentWindingSSM Dye cone winder4 head 
CSIROEquipmentWindingSemi Worsted Spinning testersingle head 
CSIROEquipmentNon-WovenRieter Hydro Spunlace500mm 
CSIROEquipmentNon-WovenBonino Air lay400mm 
CSIROEquipmentNon-WovenSample Card250mm 
CSIROEquipmentNon-WovenSample Card flexi wire400mm 
CSIROEquipmentNon-WovenFibre Locker (Needle loom)300mm 
CSIROEquipmentNon-WovenDilo – Opener/card/crosslapper/needle loom2000mm 
CSIROEquipmentNon-WovenJetlow Furnaces  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingBrown side paddle  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingGaston system pad coaters  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingPilot scale stentor (Erast Benz)  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingUnimac Garment dyer (small)  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingRousselet Hydro extractor  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingScholl Subtilos Pressure jet dyer  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingJ.C Brown Winch  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingPackage press  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingSingle cone Hydro extraction  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingThies Package pressure dyer  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingAutoclave (Dyson)  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingGyson Oven2000mm 
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingBach wash 3 bath
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingSliver Top Treatment plant 5 bath
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingEwex Pressing machine  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingKannegiesser Electric Press  
CSIROEquipmentDyeing and FinishingAMBA Stentor – Lamiating/coating/pad/blade450 > 600mm 
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingLyco press Dominator  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingTrutzschler DK 903 Card  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingTrutzschler HSR 1000 Draw frame  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingVouk Lapper  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingVouk Comber  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingZinser 660 Roving frame  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingZinser 350 ring spinner machine  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingSchlafhurst Autocoro (open end) spinner  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingSchlafhurst Autoconer (winder)  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingShirley Analyser  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingPlatts sample Card  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingPlatts sample draw frame  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingSer.Ma.Tes.Spintester 3 spinners
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingDSOp-02 opener  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingDSCa-01 Card  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingDSDr-01 Draw frameDSCo-01 Comb  
CSIROEquipmentCotton ProcessingDSRo-11 Roving  
CSIROEquipmentCarbon Fibre ManufacturingMAE Wet Spinning Line500 FilamentsJoint with Deakin University
CSIROEquipmentCarbon Fibre ManufacturingPolymer batch reactor 25L
CSIROEquipmentMiscellaneousRolanda rotary Guillotine  
CSIROEquipmentMiscellaneousPiece cutting frame  
CSIROEquipmentMiscellaneousBrabender Extruder Twin screw
CSIROEquipmentMiscellaneousAxon Extrtuder Single screw
CSIROEquipmentMiscellaneousAxon sample Extruder small, Haake MinilabThermo 
CSIROEquipmentMiscellaneousBi-Component ExtruderLargeBusschaert
CSIROEquipmentMiscellaneousHopper Dryer  
CSIROEquipmentMiscellaneousBushi Rotavapor R-250  
CSIROEquipmentMiscellaneousShinko Summit SR400 Fusing Machine
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMechanical testingUniversal tensile tester, Instron 5567Load cell: 30kN Crosshead speed: 100-500mm/s Extensometer: non-contact (video) Location: ni 1.200Various sample jaws may be fitted
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMechanical testingImpact tester, falling weightImpactor weight: XX g Impactor radius: 8mm (approx) Maximum drop height: XXX mm Maximum energy: XX J Location: nj 1.123Falling impactor drops in an acrylic plastic tube.
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAdditive Manufacturing3D printer, Markforged Mark TwoPrinting bed width (X): 320 mm Printing bed depth (Y): 132 mm Printing height (Z): 154 mm Z-layer resolution: 0.1 mm Material: Nylon 6 with continuous Carbon Fibre Location: nj 1.123Must use Eiger software (cloud-based, to slice models and operate the printer.
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingAlpha FTIR Spectrometer (Fourier Transfor InfraRed), Bruker Transmission 7500-375nm, Six bounce ATR Zinc Selenide 7500-375nm (For Corrosive Liquids / Pastes), Single Bounce Diamond ATR 7500-375nm, Single Bounce Germanium ATR 5500-500nm (For carbonised material) Location: nj 1.117(details of crystals here)
Deakin UniversityEquipmentUV Weatherometer, AtlasUV-B Tubes (Peak 313nm), Humidity Control for weathering of samples Location: nj 1.127UV-B, Broad Spectrum, Humidity
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingPolyma Differential Scanning Calirometer (DSC), NetzschDifferential scanning calorimetry, or DSC is a thermoanalytical technique in which the difference in the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a sample and reference is measured as a function of temperature. Useful for polymers, metals and resins. Location: nj 1.117 -70 – 650 degrees. Gives information on reaction and cure kinetics at controlled ramp rates. Aluminium Pans. Nitrogen and Instrument Air.
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingHyperion Thermo Mechanical Analyser (TMA), NetzschTMA is utilised for identifying dimensional changes in solids, liquids and pasty materials. Varying measurement modes for wide range of applications. Location: nj 1.117On order – Due Dec
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingDEA Ionic Dielectric Analyser with 10kN Lab Press, NetzschDielectric thermal analysis, or dielectric analysis, is a materials science technique similar to dynamic mechanical analysis except that an oscillating electrical field is used instead of a mechanical force. Location: nj 1.123On order – Due Dec
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingLibra Thermo Gravimetric Analyser (TGA), Netzsch Thermogravimetric analysis or thermal gravimetric analysis is a method of thermal analysis in which the mass of a sample is measured over time as the temperature changes. Location: nj 1.11710-1100 degrees. On Order – Due Dec.
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingFavimat Single Fibre Tesnsile Testing, Pneumatic, TextechnoFAVIMAT+ is worldwide the first and only single-fibre tester which combines six test methods in one instrument, for the determination of the following fibre properties: Linear density, Tensile properties, Mechanical crimp properties (percent crimp, crimp removal force and crimp stability), Geometrical crimp structure, Fibre-to-metal friction, Bending stiffness Location: nj 1.117Two load cells – 1200cN and 210 cN
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingMCR 92 Rheometer, Anton ParrA rheometer is a laboratory device used to measure the way in which a liquid, suspension or slurry flows in response to applied forces. It is used for those fluids which cannot be defined by a single value of viscosity and therefore require more parameters to be set and measured than is the case for a viscometer Location: nj 1.117
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingOmniScan SX Non-Destructive Flaw Tester, OlympusNondestructive testing (NDT) is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system. In other words, when the inspection or test is completed the part can still be used. Deakin’s system uses ultrasound to detect flaws. Location: nj 1.117
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingForce Tensiometer, KrussOur universal Force Tensiometer – K100 performs high-precision, automatic and reliable measurements of surface tension and interfacial tension, critical micelle concentration CMC and contact angle on solids, fibers and powders. With high-quality components and a uniquely wide range of methods, the instrument carries out many tasks in the field of surfactant analysis and wetting measurement for your quality assurance or research. Location: nj 1.117Capable of doing single fibre measurements
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingUltra Pycenometer, QuantachromeGas pycnometers for measuring the true density and volume of powders, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, carbons, building materials, rock core plugs, etc. Location: nj 1.117Uses Helium gas. Non Destructive
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingDensity ColumnA sample of fibre is immersed into a liquid column containing a known and calibrated density gradient and allowed to descend through the column. The position at which the sample floats due to its neutral buoyancy indicates the density of the sample. Location: nj 1.117For Carbon Fibre and Oxidised PAN Fibre
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingiGC-SEA, inverse gas chromatgraphy- surface energy analyser, SMS SystemsThe iGC-SEA is based on Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) methodology and is a gas phase technique for characterising surface and bulk properties of solid materials. The principles of IGC are very simple, being the reverse of a conventional gas chromatographic (GC) experiment.A cylindrical column is uniformly packed with the solid material of interest, typically a powder, fibre or film. A pulse of constant concentration of gas is then injected down the column at a fixed carrier gas flow rate, and the time taken for the pulse or concentration front to elute down the column is measured by a detector. A series of IGC measurements with different gas phase probe molecules then allows access to a wide range of phyisco-chemical properties of the solid sample. Location: nj 1.117BET and surface energy measurements
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingElemental Analyser, Perkin ElmerThe 2400 Series II CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer is one of the leading organic elemental analyzers. It is ideal for the rapid determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen content in organic and other types of materials. Location: nj 1.117
Deakin UniversityEquipmentCarbon Fibre ManufacturingCarbon Fibre Production Simulator, Furnace EngineeringThis instrument allows for the simulation of research and pilot scale carbon fibre production, allowing for small batch samples to be oxidised and carbonised under different controlled conditions. Location: nj 1.127
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingCotton Scope HD, CottonScopeCottonscope Pty Ltd design and manufacture fully automated instruments for the measurement of cotton and ultrafine fibres. Location: nj 1.117
Deakin UniversityEquipmentCarbon Fibre ManufacturingElectro Spinning ApparatusElectrospinning is a fiber production method which uses electric force to draw charged threads of polymer solutions or polymer melts up to fiber diameters in the order of some hundred nanometers. Electrospinning shares characteristics of both electrospraying and conventional solution dry spinning of fibers. The process does not require the use of coagulation chemistry or high temperatures to produce solid threads from solution. This makes the process particularly suited to the production of fibers using large and complex molecules Location: nj 1.125
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingDry Gas Permeability TesterThe GDP-C is designed for testing the permeability of dry gases on films and similar materials according to the manometric principle. Location: nj 1.117
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAdditive ManufacturingHaake PolyLab ExtruderThe Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE PolyLab OS is a state-of-the-art measuring mixer and extruder system that is focused on the specific needs in research and development. The HAAKE PolyLab OS provides you with process-relevant material data including: Melting behavior, influence of additives, temperature stability, shear stability and melt viscosity. Furthermore, this measuring mixer and extruder system supports you in process modelling activities such as: Compounding polymers with additives to reduce flammability, viscosity, etc., scale-up extrusion processes by using different L/D ratios to extrapolate to your master process line, simulating master processes using only as little as 50g of material to optimize extrusion or mixing in respect to temperature and shear profile or extrusion of strands, profiles or films in combination with rheological or optical measurements. Location: nj 1.127
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAdditive Manufacturing5T Laboratory Press, McMillan EngineeringHeated Laboratory Press, 5 Tonnes, 300 x 300 mm plate size, maximum temperature 350 degrees. Location: nj 1.127
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAdditive Manufacturing10T Laboratory Press, McMillan EngineeringHeated Laboratory Press, 10 Tonnes, 500 x 500mm plate size, maximum temperature 250 degrees. Location: nj 1.127
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingHC103 Moisture Analyser, Mettler ToledoFor drying information of samples. 0.01 %MC (1 mg) readability, user guidance, real-time drying curve, multiple languages, standard and rapid drying program, method (20) and results (100) storage Location: nj 1.117
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousCNC Router, Multi CamMulticam Systems supplies CNC flat bed routers, routing machines and tables for woodworking, aluminium, point of sale, aerospace, metal, engraving and solid surface machining Location: LA WorkshopDiamond tooling for composite cutting
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousQuickStep E50The Quickstep Qure™ process uses a heat-transfer liquid in a unique mould bladder design to heat and cure composites under tightly-controlled conditions. This press is deisgned specifially for this process. Location: nj 1.127
Deakin UniversityEquipmentCarbon Fibre ManufacturingCarbonisation Tube Furnace, CarbolyteMaximum temperature 1200 degrees. Air, Vacuum, Nitrogen and Argon available on furnace. Location: nj 1.127100m diameter tubes – suitable for carbonisation
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAdditive ManufacturingBabyPlast Injection MolderFor the production of polymer and composite parts for mechanical testing. Location: nj 1.123We will use in house extruded polymers and composite materials. On order.
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAdditive ManufacturingMelt Fibre Extruder and Fibre Winder, Barrell EngineeringFor the production and winding of extruded polymer based composite fibres Location: nj 1.127On order – Due Dec
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAdditive ManufacturingRheomix 600As an add on to the Haake Extruder, the HAAKE™ Rheomix Lab Mixers for the HAAKE™ PolyLab™ OS System torque rheometer platform are focused on batch testing of many highly viscous substances. Intelligent modular torque rheometer system for the simulation of industrial processes in the lab or pilot plants. In a small-scale customers can characterize materials like polymers, elastomers, additives and fillers to avoid problems in their production. Location: nj 1.127
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAdditive ManufacturingThree Roll MillThree roll milling is a dispersion technique that employs both shear flow and extensional flow created by rotating rolls of different speed to mix and disperse CNT, CNF, Graphene, or other nanoscale particles into polymers or other viscous matrixes. It is a very appealing process that benefits the environment by eliminating the solvent. Three roll mill is an extremely effective dispersion tool for nanocomposites containing fiber-like filler such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, carbon nanotube etc. Because of the powerful shear force, the mixer can reach a higher degree of intercalation/exfoliation within a short period of time. Location: nj 1.123
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingMelt Flow Index AnalyserThe Melt Flow Index (MFI) is a measure of the ease of flow of the melt of a thermoplastic polymer. It is defined as the mass of polymer, in grams, flowing in ten minutes through a capillary of a specific diameter and length by a pressure applied via prescribed alternative gravimetric weights for alternative prescribed temperatures. Polymer processors usually correlate the value of MFI with the polymer grade that they have to choose for different processes. Location: nj 1.123
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousSecotom 60 Precison CutterSecotom-60 is ideal for cuts on a variety of workpieces that require changes to the clamping setup and cut-off wheel position. With features such as an 8.0 mm T-slot with exchangeable T-slot plates, a touchpad, a joystick and a turn/push knob, intelligent feed control, a laser light, ten stored methods, a database, and an optional automatic X-table. Location: nj 1.123Blades are suited for resin and composite cutting, but can be changed for other sample types.
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingHPLC 1260 with UV Diode Array and Refractive Index Detector, AgilentHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a form of column chromatography that pumps a sample mixture or analyte in a solvent (known as the mobile phase) at high pressure through a column with chromatographic packing material (stationary phase). This is used as a quantitative method of purity. We have a UV Diode array detector and a refractive index detector, along with a range of columns suited for normal phase and reversed phase analysis. Location: nj 1.123
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousAbbrasive Wear Testing machine (Koehler)A tribometer is an instrument that measures tribological qualities, such as coefficient of friction, friction force and wear volume between two surfaces in contact. The pin-on-disk is a specific type of tribotester, which is the umbrella name given to a machine or device used to perform tests and simulations of wear, friction and lubrication which are the subject of the study of tribology. Tribotesters are extremely specific in their function and the pin-on-disk friction and wear tester is no exception. Location: NA
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousAccutom 100-1Precision cut-off and grinding machine with variable speed (300 – 5,000 rpm). Variable automatic feed speed and motorized positioning system with digital readout with MultiCut function. Built-in specimen holder rotation and oscillation and vacuum pump connection for vacuum check. Location: na1.206
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousAccutom 50-2Precision cut-off and grinding machine with variable speed (300 – 5,000 rpm). Variable automatic feed speed and motorized positioning system with digital readout with MultiCut function. Built-in specimen holder rotation and oscillation and vacuum pump connection for vacuum check. Location: na1.206
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousAdvanced Plasma System (PVD + PECVD)The system combines the capability of magnetron sputtering, arc evaporation, HiPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering), nanoparticle source, micro-wave generation together with advanced plasma diagnostics including optical and Langmuir probes. The system allows development of functional surfaces for automotive, aerospace, biomedical, healthcare, defence, agriculture, food, oil & gas, and packaging industries. A range of DLC (diamond-like carbon), nitride, carbon, and oxide coatings can be deposited with the system. Location: nd 1.006
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousAgilent UTMThe state-of-the-art T150 employs a nanomechanical actuating transducer head to produce tensile force (load on sample) using electromagneticactuation combined with a precise capacitive gauge, delivering outstanding sensitivity over a large range of strain. Location: na 1.135
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousAGTEKS DirectCoverFine Covering for Technical Yarns DirectCover is for cover any yarn type material tightly for greater protection and durability. Location: Ni workshop
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousAGTEKS DirectTwistThe most advanced multifunctional twisting machine in the world. It is compatible with any material in yarn form and serves technical textile industry for achieving the new and best solutions. Location: Ni Workshop
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousAhiba IR Pro Dyeing MachineDatacolor AHIBA maximizes the efficiency of discerning dyeing laboratories. Units employ the latest heating technology for precise heating and temperature control. Manual dosing options for auxiliaries enhance correlation between laboratory and production processes. Programmable parameters accommodate many types of substrates for dyeing and testing procedures. Location: na 1.136
Deakin UniversityEquipmentMiscellaneousAir Jet MillThe jet mill grinds materials by using a high speed jet of compressed air or inert gas to impact particles into each other. Jet mills can be designed to output particles below a certain size while continuing to mill particles above that size, resulting in a narrow size distribution of the resulting product. Location: Ni Workshop
Deakin UniversityEquipmentAnalytical testingAnton Parr RheolabQCRheolabQC is a rotational rheometer based on state-of-the-art technologies also used in R&D rheometers. It combines unrivaled performance with easy operation and robust design. From quick single-point checks over flow curve and yield point determinations to complex rheological investigations: RheolabQC sets new standards for carrying out routine rheological tests. This powerful rheometer is an excellent example of a modern measuring instrument utilizing all available technical possibilities to ensure flexible, reliable and simple operation. Location: na 1.209

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