New International Conference Resource on Cluster Website

The Advanced Fibre Cluster Geelong has added a handy new resource to its website which lists an extensive range of International Conferences relevant to the sector in one convenient place.

Check in to the online tool to be sure to have the latest available information as we update the resource.

The Cluster is also calling for the advanced fibre and composite community to get in touch and let us know of any conferences and events you would like us to include and help promote.

With online technology boosting the number of conferences available for all, the new one-stop-shop listing makes international knowledge-sharing and doing business across geographical borders even more accessible. 

April has been an especially busy month with 13 conferences of relevance in the sector.

There are plenty of domestic opportunities too, for example the Land Forces defence exposition in Brisbane in June and the Avalon International Air Show from November 30-to-December 5, which has been postponed so as not to conflict with Grand Prix.

The International Conference Listings are available here.

Apr 2021