Match-Making Platform Helps Companies Extract Value From Waste

Cluster members looking for ways to recover value from their industrial waste can access an online marketplace which matches businesses with potential remanufacturers or other buyers and recyclers of waste resources.

Calling itself a “match-making platform for business,” the Advisory System for Processing, Innovation & Resource Exchange (ASPIRE) digital platform helps find alternative solutions to waste to landfill.

The online software brings different parties together to exchange value on material resources that would otherwise be discarded. More than 500 businesses across Australia have signed up, diverting 45,000 tonnes of waste from landfill.

“We identify opportunities and connect businesses to turn circular economy behaviours into practical realities.”


ASPIRE was developed by CSIRO in response to Australian businesses and local councils seeking a solution to their ever-growing waste disposal costs. It promises to help companies reduce the costs associated with waste disposal, create a new revenue stream and save on C02 emissions using localised solutions.

The unique business model relies on a digital match-making platform and social business networks.

Businesses set up a profile and enter their waste resources, or resources they would like to receive. They are then provided with a list of businesses they could potentially collaborate with. Companies identify the suggested matches they wish to pursue and make contact as needed.

ASPIRE promises to reduce waste and input costs, and also to improve business reputation by demonstrating recycling and environmental sustainability initiatives.

“There are also networking benefits. Companies are able to collaborate as a consequence of simply being members of, or participants on.”


To find out how to participate, check out the ASPIRE website


Australia generates 67 million tonnes of waste annually. ASPIRE diverts everything from batteries, e-waste, metals, organics, polystyrene, ferric chloride and timber pallets from landfill. It says almost 80% of Australia’s waste is generated through commercial activities and the cost of waste management is rising.

Indeed, the platform was originally developed in response to manufacturing companies talking to their local councils about waste disposal costs, particularly increasing landfill levies.

SMEs typically send half of their waste directly to landfill even though these resources are generally readily recyclable or reusable.

The ASPIRE digital platform targets businesses with fewer than 200 employees, which make up almost 90% of the Australian manufacturing sector, though larger companies are also engaging with ASPIRE.