Functional and Sustainable Fibres Among Industrial Research Hubs Announced

Geelong’s world-leading excellence in fibre research received further confirmation this week with the announcement of a new $5 million Industrial Transformation Research Hub, one of only eight awarded across the country in 2021.

Deakin University’s ARC Research Hub for Functional and Sustainable Fibres, led by the Institute for Frontier Materials’ Professor Joselito Razal, aims to expand Australia’s position in fibres, textiles and composites by developing next-generation functional fibre materials and creating synergy between functionality and sustainability.

AFCG members Quickstep, HeIQ and Carbon Revolution are among industry partners in the new Hub.

The new Industrial Transformation Research Hub builds on the previous success of Deakin’s Pro Vice Chancellor Xungai Wang and Dr Emma Prime, who established Deakin’s first ARC hub.

Funding of $74 million to support eight new Research Hubs and eight new Training Centres was announced under the federal Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP).

Minister for Education and Youth, the Hon Alan Tudge MP, announcing the recipients this week, said the projects formed part of the Government’s commitment to commercialising Australian research.

“These facilities will bring together our finest research minds and leading businesses to tackle the key strategic challenges facing our nation, our region and the world,” Minister Tudge said.

“They will ensure we are getting the most out of our world-class research while transferring that information into real-world outcomes that will help our post-COVID economic recovery and strengthen our nation.”

“The training centres will also equip our future generation of researchers by giving students and postdoctoral researchers practical skills and experience through industry placements.”

Industrial Transformation Research Hubs:

  • ARC Research Hub for Connected Sensors for Health, led by Professor Chun Wang at the University of New South Wales.
  • ARC Industry Transformation Research Hub for Resilient and Intelligent Infrastructure Systems (RIIS) in Urban, Resources and Energy Sectors, led by Professor Nasser Khalili at the University of New South Wales.
  • ARC Research Hub in Intelligent Robotic Systems for Real-Time Asset Management, led by Professor Ian Manchester at the University of Sydney.
  • ARC Research Hub for Nutrients in a Circular Economy (NiCE), led by Professor Ho Kyong Shon at University of Technology Sydney.
  • ARC Research Hub for Supercharging Tropical Aquaculture Through Genetic Solutions, led by Professor Dean Jerry at James Cook University.
  • ARC Research Hub for Functional and Sustainable Fibres, led by Professor Joselito Razal at Deakin University.
  • ARC Research Hub for Advanced Manufacturing with 2D Materials (AM2D), led by Professor Mainak Majumder at Monash University.
  • ARC Research Hub for Digital Bioprocess Development, led by Professor Sally Gras at the University of Melbourne.

Industrial Transformation Training Centres:

  • ARC Training Centre for Accelerated Future Crop Development, led by Professor Barry Pogson at the Australian National University.
  • ARC Training Centre for Facilitated Advancement of Australia’s Bioactives (FAAB), led by Professor Alison Rodger at Macquarie University.
  • ARC Training Centre in Energy Technologies for Future Grids, led by Professor Kashem Muttaqi at the University of Wollongong.
  • ARC Training Centre for Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption (BITA), led by Professor Uwe Dulleck at Queensland University of Technology.
  • ARC Training Centre in Bioplastics and Biocomposites, led by Associate Professor Steven Pratt at the University of Queensland.
  • ARC Training Centre for Optimal Ageing, led by Associate Professor Yen Ying Lim at Monash University.
  • ARC Training Centre for Healing Country, led by Professor Stephen van Leeuwen at Curtin University.
  • ARC Training Centre for Next-Gen Technologies in Biomedical Analysis, led by Professor Killugudi Swaminatha-Iyer at the University of Western Australia.

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Jul 2021