From the CEO: Executive Director of Composites Australia Inc, Kerryn Caulfield on New Zealand’s ‘Central Interceptor’ project.

With the year coming to a close I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday period. 

We are extremely excited to share an article, ‘New Zealand’s ‘Central Interceptor’ Project – A Massive Feat In Engineered GRP By RPC Technologies’ written by Kerryn Caulfield, Executive Director of Composites Australia Inc. along with assistance and advice from Gavin Englesman, General Manager, Engineering and Operations – Infrastructure. A powerful piece, this article illustrates the versatility of fibre-reinforced composite, with much of the project manufactured in Corio, right here in Geelong!  

The ‘Central Interceptor’ is a waste and wastewater infrastructure project in Auckland NZ. Please read this very interesting article and we extend our thanks to Composites Australia Inc for sharing with the AFCG.

During the month of November the Cluster held our first joint event with the Commonwealth Bank at Deakin waterfront. Guest speakers from KPMG joined the event along with our amazing expert panel who discussed the future of Advanced Composite Manufacturing and Collaboration in Geelong. Over 40 guests heard from our experts on the importance of collaboration and research, along with future opportunities to focus on Geelong as a centre of excellence.

Commbank’s Mr Vivek Dhar began the event, and he spoke to the group from an economic outlook perspective, with a focus on the greatest opportunities and challenges for manufacturers in Geelong (e.g. labour shortage, attracting talent, and attracting international investment etc).

The panel focused on 3 key priorities during the event: 

  1. Innovation as the catalyst in advanced manufacturing
  2. Overcoming challenges – economic climate, cash flow / accessing investments and supporting each other
  3. The future of Advanced Manufacturing in Geelong – contribution to GDP, adopting global best practice

The AFCG and Commbank will release a summary of the day and will share with all Cluster members shortly.

Dec 2022