A Warm Welcome from Our New Cluster CEO

I would like to thank all of you for your support and welcome during my first few weeks in the role with the AFCG, the energy and enthusiasm among the group is wonderful.

As discussed with each of you, my short term goal is to reinvigorate the cluster,  increase interactions both virtually via the Website blog functions, as well as physical engagement and to that end welcome all of you to join me once a month for a Meeting of the Minds (MOTM)  at the Deakin University Barista Bar  Cafe to allow Cluster Members to re-establish face-to-face interactions in a relaxed setting.

Our First MOTM will be  Friday 27th May at 10 am, Barista Bar Deakin University – All Welcome.

Please note we are also planning to Hold the previously delayed, Advanced Fibre Cluster Projects Discussion & Member Lunch for a discussion on building collaborative projects and developing innovative solutions to industry challenges at the End of May and will be providing more details as soon as possible.

Our first Webinar will be with the team from Carbon Conversions USA. Carbon Conversions presented to the Cluster back in 2020, but since then, has moved forward rapidly, recently signing a deal with DELL Computers, to enhance their Sustainability goals.

Mr Keith Graham will be presenting to us on Tuesday the 18th of May from 8 am to 9 am and I would encourage everyone to attend this most important update. EDM and registration details will be sent to all.

During my first month, I was privileged to meet with Mr Ifor Ffowcs-William who is the CEO, of Cluster Navigators Ltd. Ifor has been working across the Globe with Clusters from a range of industries and has worked in over 50 countries on Cluster development and improvement activities. I am hoping to have Mr Ifor Ffowcs-William accept our invitation to speak to Cluster Members in July to give us his insights and wisdom born from his extensive experience and work in this area.

According to Mr Michael Porter “Competition in today’s economy is far more dynamic. Companies can mitigate many input-cost disadvantages through global sourcing, rendering the old notion of comparative advantage less relevant. Instead, competitive advantage rests on making more productive use of inputs, which requires continual innovation. “ source Harvard Business Review.

The AFCG has a key role to play in advancing the interaction between University, TAFE, Standards Organisations, Local, State, and Federal governments, suppliers, and manufacturers, to ensure cluster members drive innovation, investment and growth. I hope to continue to enhance the value proposition for cluster members.  I look forward to working with each and everyone in the Cluster to realise this potential.

May 2022